Patients and their families are undeniably bound to have questions regarding Caring Touch and the services they provide. The following are some of the most common Frequently Asked Questions, if you are still seeking personalized questions answered or more information feel free to contact our courteous and professional staff by e-mail.

How is payment made for services provided

Through various eligible forms – WCB coverage, Veterans benefits, private payment, some MSP coverage pending on care provided and certain personal/group insurance coverage.

Is my mom’s home care expense tax deductible?

For more information to see if your loved one qualifies for tax deductions, visit this link: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pub/tp/it519r2-consolid/it519r2-consolid-e.pdf

Will a nurse supervise my caregiver?

Yes, a nurse is responsible for overall supervision of care provided?

Will you ensure my caregiver is a good match and provide a replacement if not.

Yes, this is a promise to you.

What happens during my first initial assessment?

It is a free caring consult, where the nurse comes to your home for hands on assessment and face to face discussion about your needs. We get to know you and can easily build a care plan tailored to your specific situation and your budget.

What about arranging end of life care and possible live-in?

It’s very possible, simply contact the office and a nurse will need to do a free assessment prior to service commencement.

Can you consult with my doctor by my request about my care plan?

Yes, your nurse will always be willing to serve as an advocate or a mediator.

Can a Caring Touch staff escort me to my doctor’s appointment?

Most staff can assist to and from and this includes staying during the appointment.

What is the Caring Touch effect?

The Caring Touch effect is our promise to patients and their families that with the assistance of our caregivers your loved one will receive optimal, specialized home health care. The Caring Touch effect can be seen in the faces of all the patients who are leading a fuller and healthier life.

How can I contact Caring Touch with more questions?

Caring Touch staff members are available by phone, or if you are merely seeking the answer to your questions, or more information, we can be contacted by clicking here. Messages are typically answered within 24 hours.

How do I know what Caring Touch will cost for care of my family member?

Caring Touch features a free in-home visit in which the patient and family members can discuss the desired care for the patient and all their individual medical needs. Based on the assessment, the desired services and how frequently they are to be done we can generate an estimate of what individualized care will cost?

Are all caregivers registered to provide medical care?

It depends on the kind of caregiver needed. All our caregivers and home support workers are certified and registered to provide medical care within their scope of practice. Based on the services required by the patient registered caregivers will be assigned. For the patient who merely requires companionship or housekeeping services registration is not required. However, all Caring Touch caregivers have been scrutinized in the hiring process and background and criminal checks have been passed.

Where is Caring Touch located? And will they come to my home?

Caring Touch is located in Maple Ridge, BC. Caregivers do work in-home with the patient based geographically on the location of the home. For those who are seeking care outside of the immediate area e-mailing the professional staff with a more specific address or city can ensure that services are available in your area.