"The trusted touch that grants a healthy living"

Optimal patient's care and wellbeing through the provision of competent and quality healthcare services


Caring Touch provides reliable health care services for those patients who are sick, in recovery, disabled and the elderly. Whether there is a serious medical need or merely companionship desired, our caregivers can provide the attention and assistance that your family member needs. All services provided are rendered by professional caregivers and are customized to meet the needs of each patient, their medical conditions and the various times in which they need care.
Caring Touch strives to be just that, the caring touch that we all need to make it through the day, at home.

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I am K.T., working as a HCA at Caring Touch. I enjoy working with this company because I feel more confident at work. The team and supervisor are very nice backup and provide information and resources of the clients to me. I can contact my supervisor any time both telephone and email. It is very flexible for me. Thank you.K.T
“I contacted Caring Touch because I needed to be accompanied from the Hospital. It was a last minute call to them and they were very professional and very caring to attend to my needs immediately and even follow up with a visit after. Outstanding service! Thanks once more for your care!”S.E
I cannot think of anyone better to provide the personal service that the nurses give to my husband. He loves each and every one of them. They give him his dignity as well as terrific care. Whether a few hours or a few days, I am sure that he is well taken care off while I am away from the house. Thank you, Caring Touch!J.O
“Me and my Wife really love the service of this company. We will recommend them to anybody. They are very approachable and caring. Simmi and Joy have been great support for us during our time of need. We are grateful, Caring Touch”.      Mr/Mrs R & W A
“Simmi and Joy have been looking after my adult daughter after major surgery. Without their care and compassion, I think I would have lost my mind! They came the first time on Victoria Day as I really needed them. I would strongly recommend them”     L.O